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Using quality ingredients, Honest Crust’s wide range of fresh, tasty food is made by hand every day for you to enjoy. You’re welcome.

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We’re working with food charity FareShare to donate 200,000 meals to vulnerable people across the UK. By choosing Honest Crust, you’re already helping – and you can help even more by volunteering, donating or liking and sharing FareShare’s good works online. Like it? Share it.

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Behind the scenes at Honest Crust

Let us take you behind the scenes to discover a few Honest Crust secrets and hear from the people that make the magic happen. James Wood, Development Chef – or, as we like to think of him, our very own Willy Wonka of the sandwich world

Time to Talk Day

One in four of us struggle with mental health problems. This means that almost everyone will share a close bond with someone affected. Family. Friends. Work colleagues. It’s immediate, it’s personal, it often goes unmentioned. That’s because mental health issues aren’t the easiest thing to talk about. Time to Talk Day (7th February) aims to change that.

Where does all the plastic go? The challenges facing recycling

It was all so simple. Don't drop your plastics in the bin - put them in the recycling. Job done. World saved. Now we can all sit down and enjoy a brew, content in the knowledge that the oceans are free of single-use plastics and our rivers are uncontaminated by plastic bags. Except it hasn't really turned out that way, has it?