Honest Stories from Honest Crust

Honest Stories

We’re a brand with a difference. How can you tell? Have a read about the things we care about, get involved with and enjoy. You’ll find it’s not all crusts and fillings…


A recipe for success – Give back. Get ahead. Volunteer.

Sugar, lemon and luxury chocs. Could February get any sweeter? We think so! Get your fill of volunteering and enjoy some sweet rewards – achieve more, reduce stress, help others and explore new avenues. Jammy.

Sandwiches Making A Real Difference

At Honest Crust, we asked some amazing FareShare charity chefs to invent some seriously festive-flavoured sandwiches. Not only do they taste great (of course) – but these limited-edition Christmas sandwiches highlight the work of charities supported by FareShare.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – A Graduate’s Guide to University

If you’re packing up your bags and heading to university for the first time, you’re probably quite excited. Freedom. A chance to stand on your own two feet. New friends. Endless academic opportunity. Freshers week.

We need to talk about food waste – Honest Crust ambassadors

At Honest Crust, we love a good chat. We could talk all day about our range of delicious hand-prepared foods or our partnership with FareShare fighting food waste and food poverty.

Make a Difference This Summer Holiday with ActiveAte

Around 13.6% of school children are entitled to free school lunches. In the vast majority of cases, they qualify for the meals because their parents need a helping hand to keep their kids fed. It’s a safety net available throughout term time, but what happens when schools close for summer?

Honest Crust Take Up the Challenge

In the name of charity, we sent a team of employees to Exmoor to run, trek, cycle, and kayak their way around a devastatingly difficult, triathlon-esque course to push their physical abilities, perseverance, and teamwork to the limits.
Share-a-meal-header 3

Share A Meal Competition – The Results Are In

We believe that everyone deserves to eat well. That’s why we’ve partnered with FareShare who redistribute surplus food and give it to those who need it most.

Students of Change

Students are increasingly eco-conscious but often struggle to know how to join in with the growing movement toward better sustainability.

Happy Six Month Anniversary, Honest Crust!

Six short months have passed since our first sandwich landed on a shop shelf near you. And what a six months it’s been. We thought we’d mark the occasion by taking a look at what we’ve achieved during that time.

Behind the scenes at Honest Crust

Let us take you behind the scenes to discover a few Honest Crust secrets and hear from the people that make the magic happen. James Wood, Development Chef – or, as we like to think of him, our very own Willy Wonka of the sandwich world

Time to Talk Day

One in four of us struggle with mental health problems. This means that almost everyone will share a close bond with someone affected. Family. Friends. Work colleagues. It’s immediate, it’s personal, it often goes unmentioned. That’s because mental health issues aren’t the easiest thing to talk about. Time to Talk Day (7th February) aims to change that.
Cutting waste in winter

Cut back on your winter food waste

We don't want to get you down, but winter has arrived. We've all felt the nip in the air. Soon, there will be the first frost and heading home from work or college in the dark. Fortunately, there's good food to help us through the cold weather
World Food Day

Take It Global – Get Involved with World Food Day

This week it’s World Food Day and, as it's an occasion we support wholeheartedly, we thought we'd help get the news out there and spread the word! So here we are, spreading.

Five foods that you can forage as autumn sets In

As a nation, we spend an incredible amount on food, much of which is wasted. It’s kind of crazy when you consider the amount of free food we can find all around us.

Five quick and easy ways to cut your food waste

At Honest Crust, we’re serious about food waste and know that you are, too. Alongside our partnership with FareShare…

Five international foods that prove nothing has to go to waste

In the UK we throw an incredible amount of food. The food industry wastes 1.9 million tonnes of food every year.

Help keep school holiday hunger at bay with #ActiveAte

When we think of the summer holidays, we generally imagine happy children playing in the sunshine, afternoons in the park, activity camps, and time off with the family.
FareShare Volunteer

Make a difference – become a FareShare volunteer

We like the way FareShare do their thing. They’re not afraid to tackle serious issues and have a laugh at the same time. Just check out their new national advertising campaign if you need evidence of their wicked sense of humour.